Questions we are frequently asked...

What type of service is this?

We provide Non-Emergency Wheelchair/Limited Mobility Transportation, also known as NEWT.  We transport wheelchair bound clients to doctors appointments, social events, family gatherings, beauty parlors, or anywhere they need to go.  For those persons with limited mobility that may use a walker, we can provide transportation in a more traditional vehicle, such as our Ford Flex automobile.

Does my insurance or Medicaid pay for this?

Unfortunately, NO it does not.  We are a private pay company and do not accept insurance or Medicaid.  You are responsible for paying your bill.

How soon should I schedule my appointment?

As soon as you know your schedule, contact us.  Schedules can fill up fast, especially for weekends and holidays.  You can request service online by filling out this form...

How do you accept payment?

Cash, Check or credit card.  Also, we can mail you an invoice in which you have 30 days to pay.

What type of vehicles do you use?

We use specially modified vans with lifts that make entry and exit very easy.  The vans also have seats that will allow family members or caregivers to ride along.  For those persons using a walker or rollator, we utilize more traditional vehicles such as our Ford Flex.

How far can you transport someone?

We cover the East Coast, from New York to Florida.  You can view our coverage map here.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24/7, 365 days a year! When you call you will always get a live person to answer your questions.

How do your services work?

Our driver will carefully load and unload our passengers, wheel them inside to their destinations, check them in and give the front desk receptionist our card to call when the guest is ready to be picked up.

Do your vans have oxygen?

Yes they do.  Simply mention that the passenger will need supplemental oxygen and we will make certain that it is available.